Data Protection Policy

Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club [W&CCC; “the Club”] is a photography club established to benefit its Members as described in its Constitution.

As such, it is a Data Controller in the UK under the meaning of the legislation.

W&CCC holds personal information about its Members and others who may have legitimate dealings with W&CCC in connection with the objects of the Club as described in its Constitution. Any person having a legitimate reason to view their data held by the Club may apply to the Club Secretary.

W&CCC collects and holds personal data about:

  1. The Members of the Club.
  2. Members who hold positions on the Committee of the Club.
  3. Photographers as the creators of images that are used in the legitimate internal and external activities of the Club
  4. Other individuals who may participate in the activities of the Club, such as Competition Judges, Speakers, and entrants in inter-club competitions we may organise or attend.

The above data may be used in the publication of competition results, awards, and other activities related to the promotion of W&CCC and its expressed aims.

The Club does not share any personal information about its Members outside of the Club, with the exception of images and contender names for external competitions.

The club uses Member contact information to provide Members with information directly related to the club’s own activities.

The Club also holds historic data relating to the above activities including, but not limited to, the winners of various competitions, both internal and external, and photographic images produced by Members, as well as Minutes of Committee meetings, financial records, and similar.

The club also temporarily holds name and contact information on prospective Members whilst they are on our membership waiting list.