Joining Us

Current Situation – August 2020 – Meetings suspended following Government guidelines.

The club has a current membership of around 70 members, and this is really the maximum comfortable capacity level at our club meeting venue as well as the practical limit of needed judging time for all members’ entries in our regular competition evenings. Membership turnover at the club is also low due to the high satisfaction level of existing members with typically only a few members leaving us per year.

Given the current environment some meetings and competitions are being held within our own club and others via Zoom, in lieu of our regular summer outings during our recess, including talks with speakers specialising in particular areas of photography, usually with question and answer sessions afterwards.  If you would like more details of these please contact the secretary as below.

For those that wish to join, we do keep a waiting-list, and at the current time (August 2020 onwards) the waiting-list is open and we can accept new members. Those who wish to apply to join can contact the club by sending a mail direct to the club secretary at:

Please be aware we may not be able give any precise indication how long the wait will be (as it depends if anyone leaves us), but we will keep in touch as to the position.

If you think you might like to join, we can arrange to chat together and then invite you to join our online meetings over the summer.  We’re a friendly club and you’ll be made very welcome and also at the new season’s meetings in September.  These will be online, but this will make no difference to your welcome!