Meeting Venue

Meeting Venue Address & Map

Unless otherwise advised, club meetings are held at:

Venue Address

St. Paul’s Church Hall (St. Christopher Room),
Crawley Ridge,
GU15 2AD




St. Paul’s Church Hall is immediately adjacent to and shares the car park with St. Paul’s Church, Camberley. (Photo above).

Venue Map

St. Paul’s Church, Camberley, is at the arrow marker:
NB: The club uses the facilities of St Paul’s Church Centre for its regular meetings, but the club cannot be directly contacted through the Centre. Please use the other contact methods on this site to contact the club.

(Meeting venue alternate map. St. Paul’s is marked with arrow, map opens in new browser tab/window).

St. Christopher Room

The entrance to the St. Christopher Room is located around by the rear car parks of St. Paul’s: